Smog Testing at AA Auto-Smog Test Only

The term "smog" originated in England, meaning bad air quality created by a combination of smoke and fog. Now, we know smog as a visible mixture of air pollutants, including those formed by burning fuel, in the lower atmosphere. With more vehicles on the road, getting routine smog testing at a STAR certified smog station is even more essential.


In addition, smog is a serious health hazard to children, the elderly, people with pulmonary and respiratory (lung) disorders, and the immune-suppressed. Smog causes asthma attacks, headaches, burning eyes, an itchy throat, and a cough. AA Auto-Smog Test Only understands the importance of what we do at our smog station and take great care when carrying out your smog check. You can contact us today to learn more about smog testing services.



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